World's Undiscovered islands

Alvaro Cerezo Aguilar (Granada) My name is Alvaro Cerezo and I am the creator of Docastaway.
I have dedicated several years to exploring the tropics of the world searching for lost paradises.

My passion for castaway stories in desert islands, my love for truly unspoiled nature, the goal of reaching the most beautiful secluded beaches untouched by others, for finding the last undiscovered islands in the world, all made me undertake my dream of organizing these fascinating adventures.

Now I want to share the opportunity with other lovers of secluded beaches and undiscovered islands, those passionate enough to enjoy these secret places with the maximum safety and comfort: those who want to travel to a place that transcends all previous experience, to be brought back to the beginning where there is only pure nature and to be surrounded by its perfection.

If you want to contact me personally you can add me to facebook or write to me at my personal email address