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Private Destinations

Not into feeling like you’re in a Survivor competition? Docastaway also offers a “Comfort Mode” option where travelers stay on their own private beach resort or villa. These vacations will still offer isolation, though, with many of the destinations located in remote islands with private entrances and private beaches. Each island is also limited to one client (or couple) at a time to maximize the feeling of isolation at their beach getaway.

Despite the clients will be the only human on their desert island, they will provided with walkie-talkies and mobile satellite and they will be able to feel at ease, with 24 hour access to the outside world available in case of emergency. We can also visit the island daily to offer meals so they clients don’t need to cook.

Most of our wild private beaches are located in remote islands in countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Polynesia, Australia, Mexico and the Caribbean.

These are probably best private beach destinations you can find in the world. We do not have destinations in Europe or America because unfortunately there are not really secluded islands in those continents.

We are only company which will make you will feel like a real castaway.