Island Survival Vacations




We are an adventure company specialized in survival vacations on deserted islands around the world. Docastaway offers you a unique survival experience unknown until now; the chance to feel like a real life castaway, ALONE.



One of our castaways surviving on our desert island




Our trips don’t only appeal to the solo male real life castaways, they also attract solo females,  couples and group of friends who want to spend time in this retreat.

We drop the client completely alone on an uninhabited island and he/ she will be expected to find shelter (on the couples survival camp) and forage for their own food and drink like a modern day Robinson but with the guarantee of having all the basic needs taken care of. Our team will be standing by in the nearest civilized spot, connected with the survivor for 24/7 using with walkie talkies or satellite phones (depending on how remote is the archipelago). They will also have a speedboat at their disposal for their evacuation if necessary at any time.

The castaway can also have the alternative of choosing to be accompanied by a professional guide who will teach some survival tips. However surviving on a deserted island in the tropics is not difficult specially when you are going to stay for just 10 or 15 days. Therefore we always recommend our clients to try without any prior lesson, and in case they can’t handle it, we will go back to the island and bring them new tools or supplies.

You can check our deserted islands here


View of Siroktabe Desert Island from the sky




Most of our deserted islands are located in remote archipelagos in countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Polynesia, Australia, Mexico and the Caribbean. We do not have destinations in Europe or America because unfortunately there are not secluded archipelagos over there.

Our guided survival trips is for people who are ready to face the most  authentic experience and likes extreme vacations. This getaway is the most similar to a real castaway adventure but with modern safety and the guarantee of having all the basic needs taken care of. The survivors will be alone from the first day but if they wish they will be accompanied by professional guides.

They will stay overnight in a shelters that can consist of huts or even tents with modern camping equipment. Clients can have a quasi survival experience, foraging for their own food and drink under the supervision of their guides and supported by additional provisions.

However, our company is not only a survival vacation. Our main goal is not to teach our solo clients how to survive on a desert island but to give them the opportunity to enjoy an adventure vacation on some of the planet’s most remote archipelagos, in the world’s last paradises, just you, and alone.