Shelter in the jungle perfect for castaways

Survival mode

Luxurious Resort on an island

Mode comfort

Our tropical vacations are one of the best option for those who wish to spend a few days completely alone on their own deserted island. With a dozen of tropical islands options to choose from, each one is limited to one single client or a couple at one time, to guarantee exclusivity and maximum isolation. Our island vacation can be enjoyed in two different ways:

We have prepared a Survival Mode for the most intrepid people who want to be ‘abandoned’ alone and forage from nature in some of our best tropical islands.

We have created a Comfort Mode for those clients who want to take full advantage of this seclusion but desire to enjoy certain level of luxury (with delicious meals included) in their tropical island vacation. These deserted island lovers want to relax in their much needed escape from everyday life.

Our islands are located in the most remote archipelagos in the world. They range from Indonesia to the Philippines but we also offer desert islands in other countries in Asia, Caribbean and Oceania. Our castaways will be provided on spot with walkie talkies or satellite phones, ensuring the maximum amount of safety possible. And if anything unexpected were to happen, there are emergency responders on standby.

Docastaway is perfect for people whose greatest desire would be to spend a few days totally disconnected from their everyday lives, to be lost in their own desert island, miles away from civilization, in the world’s last real paradises.



One of our deserted island seen from the sky