The founder

Alvaro Cerezo, founder of Docastaway

Alvaro Cerezo is an explorer and entrepreneur who dedicates his life to discover desert islands and real-life Robinsons.

Ever since he was a child Alvaro has been fascinated by castaway stories. Even at 8 years old he was slipping away, completely alone, to explore the isolated shoreline of his home town with no more than a self-made floating device.

In 2010 he founded Docastaway which became the first company in the world to specialize in holidays to undiscovered islands around the planet. His purpose was to help people escape from civilization and be alone on their own deserted island. Since then, hundreds of adventurers have enjoyed castaway experiences on undiscovered islands across four continents. 

On his journeys to explore the remote corners of the globe Alvaro also encounters incredible hermits and real Tarzans, sharing these stories through his documentaries.

His work and discoveries has attracted extensive media interest including coverage in The Guardian, The New York Times, BBC, Discovery Channel, Fox or CBS.

If you want to contact him personally you can add him to Facebook or write to him at his personal email address alvaro@docastaway.com



Docastaway has a portfolio of around 15 desert islands in different areas of the world. Each island has its own local team that works independently from each other. The one coordinating all the islands is our operation manager, the Japanese Tamiki Kato. He is also the one who deals by email with the clients before the experience. If you want to contact him personally you also can add him to Facebook or write to him at the email address info@docastaway.com



The logo from Docastaway

Docastaway Experiences Limited is a company based in Hong Kong with more than 10 years of experience preparing castaways experience on undiscovered islands in the world.

Our major challenge is to explore the remote areas of the world to find the right island for being stranded. Once we got the candidate islands we need prepare all the logistic in order to make the experience possible for our future castaways. But this is not an easy task. Only one out of 20 island we discover is suitable for Docastaway in terms of safety and isolation. If you wish to know more on how we find new desert islands you can read this article from The New York Times from 2015 where two jounalists followed us for five days in order to learn how we made Docastaway possible.