The Comfort Mode is suitable for people who lead demanding lives and who wish to have an experience similar to that of a castaway, but desire a certain levels of luxury in order to enjoy their private island vacation. In contrast to the Adventure Mode, the docastawayer will stay in comfortable and luxury bedrooms whether in isolated retreats, eco-resorts, villas or luxury mini-hotels.

We have made a meticulous selection of accommodation located in deserted islands around the world and have chosen the perfect places for their ideal beauty and isolated surroundings.The accommodation has been carefully chosen to guarantee intimacy and the sensation of isolation on a secluded island.

In some of our Comfort Mode private island vacations, the docastawayers will enjoy an exclusive “all inclusive” treatment in which they will experience an assortment of delicious tasting and top quality gastronomic products, including exquisite local fish and seafood.

The docastawayers will be transported to the private islands by speedboat or light aircraft. In contrast to the Adventure Mode vacations, the destinations dedicated to the Comfort Mode generally have electricity generated in the isolated island itself, running water, spa and even Internet connection.