Docastaway offers the opportunity of a holiday on a real desert island in the most remote uninhabited tropical places on the planet. It’s not necessary to be an experienced traveler to enjoy these paradise islands because apart from the wilder, more adventurous options, Docastaway has selected private villas, secluded retreats, eco-resorts and luxury mini-hotels for your absolute comfort.

Due to the perfect seclusion of these unspoilt desert islands you will feel like a castaway, and yet still enjoy the comforts of a relaxing beach holiday. For this reason, Docastaway has two Modes to choose from: Adventure Mode and Comfort Mode.

The Docastaway experience is affordable for all budgets. Our travels and adventures range from the most basic to luxurious hotels, all of them in secluded beaches all over the world.

Docastaway holidays are the antithesis of mass tourism. Our main target is to guarantee the exclusivity of these remote islands, avoiding - wherever possible - docastawayers staying in the same deserted island or even in the same archipelago at any given time. Therefore, docastawayers interested in the Adventure Mode must book as early as possible to be able to enjoy their experience exclusively.