Stranded on a desert island without guides


Marooned Deser Island
In some of our Adventure Mode destinations, we offer the chance to enjoy the adventure stranded on a desert island activity , so you will be able to be alone on your deserted island and without the help of guides.

To do this, Docastaway prepares the equipment needed to survive during your stay and even provides a canoe so that docastawayers can fish and move around with maximum freedom.

These intrepid adventurers will be transported to the deserted island and later picked up when they are ready, being in constant communication with guides from the nearest town.

For those docastawayers who don’t want to feel so stranded and isolated and want an even higher level of security, Docastaway offers clients the possibility to have a guide ready at their disposal on the nearest island, so they will be able to receive a visit in a few minutes should it be necessary in case of emergency.

The islands that offer the possibility of being able to live this castaway experience are Siroktabe, Marooning and Gambolo. New “solo experience” destinations coming soon. Follow us on Facebook