This Mode is available for those people who are ready to face the most intense and authentic experiences. The Adventure Mode is the most similar to a real castaway experience but with modern safety and the guarantee of having all the basic needs taken care of. The docastawayers will be either alone or accompanied by professional guides and they can have a boat at their disposal for their evacuation if necessary at any time.

In the Adventure Mode the docastawayers will stay overnight in different shelters that will consist of huts or even tents with modern camping equipment. Docastawayers can choose a quasi-survival experience, foraging for their own food and drink under the supervision of their guides and supported by additional provisions.

However, an Adventure Mode experience is not only a survival vacation. Our main goal is not to teach docastawayers how to survive on a desert island but to give them the opportunity to enjoy an adventure vacation on some of the planet's most remote paradise islands.