Devil’s Island

Survival Mode


  • You can make your own shelter
  • We can also provide tents/matresses


  • The Robinson will need to find his own food


  • Extremely remote
  • Extreme Level of Isolation



Per Person*

Per Night*

The Most Remote Island in the World?


The castaway will have to build his/her own shelter using what can be found on the island. However, there is also the possibility of enjoying a more comfortable experience with a tent, camping gas, kitchen equipment, etc


On this secluded island the castaway will eat and drink whatever nature provides. On this secluded island there are a variety of coconuts, crabs, hermits and small fish on the reef. If required Docastaway can supply a spear gun for underwater fishing and fishing tackle. For drinking there are coconuts and any rain water that the castaway collects – usually there is abundant rain – however, the castaway can always take provisions to the island and simply enjoy the perfect getaway on one of the most remote islands in the world.

Isolation feeling

This isolated island is very far from the nearest coast. There are chances of seeing boats light in the distance are almost zero.

The feeling of isolation at this island is generally EXTREME

Contact with outside world

Our team will stand by at the nearest city  24/7.  The castaway will have a satellite phone and In case of emergency we would be able to reach the remote island within 24h (weather depending). If the sea is high on that moment the castaways would need to wait up to 48h for the rescue.

Possible dangers

As this is one of the most remote islands on Earth, there are not many animals as they couldn’t reach in the past. Only sea birds could get to this secluded island.  In the sea there are some harmless blacktip sharks who are scared of humans. Only stepping on a stingrays with bearfoot could be a problem if you are alergic to its venom. Therefore we recommend to walk on the water with shoes. However we have never heard of anyone having a problem with stingrays so far. Only swimming could be a threat as the currents could be strong if you go far away.

What we love

The extreme feeling of isolation

The beautiful vaierty of seabirds that nest on the island

How to reach

This isolated island is located in extremely secluded region of Oceania. First the client would need to fly to Polynesia (flight booked by them but we will assist during the process). Once in the capital they will need to take a domestic flight to a remote area in Polynesia (thi flight will be booked by us). Arrival at the local airport, our team will welcome the client and bring him by private car to the harbour where a boat will be ready to sail to the island. The client will need plenty of flexibility as they will need to stop over a few times and overnight in different locations before reaching the abandoned island.

Best time to go

Devil’s Island is available all year round

Previous Clients on this island

Devil Island is probably our most remote island we offer. And also one of the most expensive. That is the reason why not so many clients have choosen it before. In 2015 our millionare castaway Ian Argus Stuart spent several days surviving on Devil’s Island.   You can find more previous castaways at Devil’s Island on our Blog and also on our Facebook page. 


*Our price is valid for 2 people travelling to the island and staying at least 9 nights. If someone go alone (SOLO) he/she would need to assume most of the cost of the second person. For SOLO castaway we recommend other islands we have available which are more economic.


The price per person and per night on this island is 380 Euros.

For a experience of 5 nights for 2 people the cost would be around 4000 Euros per person.

For a experience of 5 nights alone (SOLO) the cost would be around 6000 Euros per person.

(we do not recommend to stay for less than 5 days on the island)

Bear in mind

Snorkeling is a bit risky due to the big currents

Due to the strong tides it is not ideal for swimming outside of the reef

This remote island is perfect for extreme adventurers

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We will happy to answer them within 24h.